Dr. Fleitas is a highly professional & personable clinician who consistently finds the positive in students, encouraging them to view themselves differently. His inclusion of the entire school team enables him to make recommendations that are sound and achievable. I would highly recommend his services.

— Principal, DCPS High School



       ...even though a therapist was not scheduled, I did not hesitate to contact Dr. Fleitas to help manage an urgent situation. The PAS staff is highly responsive to our staff and student's needs. The PAS team's ability to create a rapport with students and professional demeanor are evident whether performing assessments, conducting individual therapy, collaborating with school staff, or presenting clinical material in IEP meetings...



     ...PAS has provided both licensed clinical social workers and psychologists to perform therapy and psychological assessments for students at our two DC campuses. We have been very pleased with PAS as a company and its capacity to fulfill our schools' mental health service needs.


— Special Ed Coordinator, DC Public Charter School

     I am very impressed with the assessments PAS has provided to the children at our school. They have proven over time to have high standards for quality particularly as it relates to interacting with children and providing testing that is both comprehensive & timely. These are professionals who have proven to be valuable contributors  to the educational process!

— School Director, DC Public Charter School



— Special Ed Coordinator, DC Public Charter School



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Our Mission
The PAS Difference

Psychological Assessment Solutions (PAS) is a Metro Washington, DC based organization. Owned and operated by clinicians, PAS specializes in comprehensive psychological assessments and therapeutic interventions for children, adolescents, and adults locally and internationally.

The PAS mission is to promote excellence in interventions, assessments, and technological advancement in mental health care and educational achievement. This is accomplished by working with organizations, schools, parents, and direct clients to identify emotional and situational barriers. PAS also develops solutions to overcome these barriers as well as building upon strengths for achieving success. 

An important focus of PAS is development of best practices and systems for effective tele-mental health locally and internationally with expats and their families. Privacy and confidentiality are critical and maintained by fully HIPAA compliant technology.


Utilizing comprehensive assessment techniques and focused therapeutic interventions, PAS works to effectively investigate educational and life-skills concerns and modify negative behaviors associated with: 

  • Poor Social Skills

  • Depression

  • ADHD

  • Anxiety

  • Trauma

  • Intellectual Disability

  • Autism & Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)

  • Learning Disabilities

  • Anger Management

  • Poor Performance in School

  • Adjustment Difficulties

  • Daily Functional Living


When providing services within a school program, PAS clinicians assume a role that blends in with the multidisciplinary culture. This allows an increased ease of collaboration with the key personnel who are vested in the students' educational interests. However, PAS clinicians can provide private assessments to families or organizations seeking timely and comprehensive work focused on individual growth and success as the paramount factors for measuring outcomes.

At PAS, we understand that educational, behavioral, and/or clinical problems are often multifaceted in nature. To better address issues related to these problems, PAS utilizes a biopsychosocial model to explain problems and identify effective solutions. Within this perspective, potential influences from family history, school or work environment, and interpersonal relations are examined. 

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