The Comprehensive Service
Types of Evaluations




  • Cognitive/IQ Testing

  • Educational/Achievement Testing

  • Psychoeducational Assessments

  • Clinical Evaluations

  • Integrated Psychoeducational & Clinical Assessments


  • Developmental Evaluations
  • Specialized Autism & ASD Evaluations
  • Specialized ADHD Evaluations
  • Social Histories
  • Functional Behavioral Analyses
  • Speech Pathology Assessments

As part of all evaluations, PAS clinican services includes:


  • A Clinical Presence at IEP/MDT Meetings to review Assessment Results

  • Recommendations for Future Progress and Support

  • Assistance with Classification & Disability Status Decisions

  • Consultation

PAS performs assessments to address potential Psychological and Speech related issues which are conducted by licensed clinical psychologists, licensed speech pathologists, and supervised doctoral graduates. Assessments can be conducted in our office or on location, depending upon the needs of the client.


​In order to effectively attend to the various referral questions from diverse sources, we offer a range of inclusive assessment batteries including:

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