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Teacher and Administrator Comments

“...this year, we've had to cope with some difficult student situations on days when PAS staff had not been scheduled to be present at the school. Even though a therapist was not scheduled, I did not hesitate to contact Dr. Fleitas to help manage these situations.”

— Special Ed Coordinator, DC Charter School


“The PAS staff is highly responsive to our staff and student's needs. The clinicians' ability to create a rapport with students and professional demeanor are evident whether performing assessments, conducting individual therapy, collaborating with school staff, or presenting clinical material in IEP meetings...”

— Administrator, DC Charter School


“...PAS has provided both licensed clinical social workers and psychologists to perform individual therapy and psychological assessments for students at our two DC campuses. We have been very pleased with PAS as a company and its capacity to fulfill our schools' mental health service needs. The clinicians from PAS who have joined our staff are clearly experienced and skilled at working with a special education population.”

— Director, DC Charter School


“The PAS psychologist has provided a comprehensive picture of how a child performs allowing for the development of realistic instructional goals and objectives. There are many uncertainties in the realm of Special Education, but I am continuously assured that the vision she has for providing thorough comprehensive assessments is achievable”

— Special Ed Coordinator, DC Charter School


“Dr. Fleitas is a highly professional and personable clinician who consistently finds the positive in students, encouraging them to view themselves differently. The reports are timely and efficient and the analyses of the students' behavior are accurate. The inclusion of the entire school team enables PAS clinicians to make recommendations that are sound and achievable. I would highly recommend their services.”

— Principal, DC Public School


“As a special educator it is important that I am able to rely on the accuracy of assessments in determining the extent and direction of a child's special education experience. The team from PAS consistently administer specific evaluations to assess a child's individual academic or perceptual strengths and weaknesses as well as his or her emotional dynamics.”

— Special Ed Teacher, DC Public School


“I am very impressed with the assessments PAS clinicians have provided to the children I have been charged with servicing. They have proven over time to have high standards for quality particularly as it relates to interacting with children and providing testing that is both comprehensive and timely. They are true professionals who have proven to be valuable contributors to the educational process!”

— Director of Clinical Services , DC Charter School


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