Clinical Psychologist: Specializations - Trauma Therapy and Debriefing, Fitness for Duty Assessments, Short-term Evidenced Based Treatments




  • Collaborate with other behavioral science, intelligence, and contribute to interagency events within the U.S. Government 


  • Conduct psychological assessment, direct and indirect


  • Administration and interpretation of a wide range of psychological tests (to include cognitive and personality measures)


  • Effective interviewing skills, Violence/self-harm risk assessment skills, and Forensic assessment skills


  • High-quality psychological report writing that includes useful recommendations


  • Superior customer services skills


  • Excellent writing skills


  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills


  • Timely completion of documentation in a manner consistent with professional standards


  • Ability to travel to remote sites to provide services.


  • Doctoral Degree in Clinical or Counseling Psychology through an American Psychological Association Accredited (APA) Program required


  • Possess a minimum of Seven (7) years of relevant experience




  • Possess a full, current and unrestricted license to practice psychology in the United States (including United States Territories) and/or be a duly qualified licensed mental health provider


  • Maintain professional licensure through continuing education units (CEUs)  

School-Based Clinical Psychologist, Psychology Resident, Psych Associate, or Nationally Certified School Psychologist




  • Assessment and Consultation Position Washington, DC immediately

  • Minimum Requirements: extensive experience in assessments with children and adolescent

  • A successful candidate would have a great sense of humor and demonstrate a commitment to education and improving the lives of those in the DC community

  • An ability to maintain professional relationships with school teams, and possess the ability to be flexible in dynamic situations.


  • Duties include (but are not limited to):

  • Psychoeducational Assessment

  • Clinical Evaluations

  • Report Writing

  • Participation in Individualized Education Program (IEP) meetings

  • Electronic documentation (client contact, progress notes, treatment planning, etc.)


  • Interested candidates should submit a letter of interest and a CV or Resume