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Although most of our services may be covered by your insurance plan, PAS would be considered an out-of-network provider. We would provide you with all the documentation necessary to submit your claim. We also work with families to determine whether the services can be covered by the school.

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Do you take insurance?

Students can be tested at the PAS offices, however, we have found that whenever possible, it is better to evaluate students in a familiar environment. To that end, our clinicians will often test at the school itself which also provides a means for interviewing teachers and conducting realtime classroom observations.

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Where are students evaluated?

PAS clinicians work with private, public, and charter schools, but also conduct services directly to families, individuals, as well as consultation to attorneys and educational advocates.

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Do you only work with schools?
But I have other questions?

We are more than happy to spend 15 minutes on the phone for no-cost consultation to help you determine what might work best in your situation. Please no not hesistate to call and schedule a telephone call.

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Expediency is an important value for PAS staff. We understand that assessment or intervention generally occurs because of a pressing needs. Our report and feedback is often provided within 1 month of the collection of the complete data for the assessment.

Is there a long wait to receive results?

It really depends on the child as well as the referral question. Generally one can expect to be testing or in interviews for 4 - 8 hours over the course of one or two days.

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How long does the testing process take?
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